Where It All Began

Over twenty years ago, God gave us a vision to take a small group of college students to New Orleans during Mardi Gras to walk the streets and talk to those who were hurting and willing to listen. Hundreds of salvations and thousands of participants later, it has gone far beyond that original vision.

It's become about winning souls and raising up lifetime soul winners.  It's about equipping the saints.

Mardi Gras has become a place for training students, leaders, moms, and dads to become soul-winners. As we pour out our hearts and knowledge on how to reach souls, we are also seeing the fruit in our participants going home and being able to win their own friends and family to Jesus. Do not come to Mardi Gras to go “witnessing” at an event; come to Mardi Gras to train yourself and your team on how to win souls when you go home.

We invite you to the Answering the Cries 2019Mardi Gras Outreach!


Wayne and Kristi Northup founded the ministry of Answering the Cries in 2001. Wayne and Kristi crossed paths as they both pursued ministry at North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A strong love for the lost and disenfranchised was a mutual theme in their lives, as was a passion for the presence of God and mentoring young adults. They married in 2000 and decided to invest their lives in their vision: to win souls and raise up lifetime soul winners.

Answering the Cries was formed as a ministry covering to train, disciple, and send out evangelists. Since 2001, the Northups have worked with dozens of interns and associate evangelists, helping these young men and women develop their call to evangelism. Mardi Gras Outreach was an integral component of training in their ministry. It is an opportunity for people to devote a few days to the practice of sharing their faith. Out of this experience many close friendships, divine appointments, and pivotal moments have come for the hundreds of college-age students that join us in New Orleans every year.


After Hurricane Katrina, Wayne and Kristi felt a resolve that they would never "abandon" the city of New Orleans, no matter who else forgot. That resolve was in the hearts of 25 others that moved with them to start Saints Community Church in 2011. They currently live in New Orleans, serving as Lead Pastors of SCC as well as Directors of Mardi Gras Outreach.

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