What Is Mardi Gras Outreach?

Mardi Gras Outreach is an annual missions trip where young adults (age 17 and up) come together to see their faith stretched, passion provoked and their love for the lost ignited. Come spend five days with us in New Orleans, and watch your life transform as you pursue Jesus and share him with those around you!

The vision of Answering the Cries is to Win Souls and Raise Up Life-time Soul Winners. This vision is cast through multiple teaching seminars, intense services, personal opportunities, and Core Teams. Mornings and afternoons are dedicated to various forms of training, while nights are dedicated to evangelism and service efforts on the streets. We also continue to dedicate time to community development work in various locations throughout New Orleans.

Both on the streets and in services, the atmosphere is intense.  We train by day and witness in the evenings.  With the lost in mind, we pray, teach, worship, and witness; everything we do leads back to reaching the lost for Christ.   (REMEMBER to complete the Team Training Plan in advance of coming to the outreach!)


To sum it up, your ministry will be Conversational Evangelism, Acts of Love, Creative Outreaches, and Performances.

Each year’s outreach is unique, and we do our best to plan effective ministry that we can execute with excellence. While we are primarily conversational in our evangelism, we’ve used many other outreach methods to connect with people and share Jesus in the past!

We want your team to have as many opportunities as possible., and we encourage each group or individual to bring some type of Creative or Performance tool of your own. Mardi Gras is a festival atmosphere with a wide variety of people, so don’t just envision your usual church audience performance or ministry!

Some Creative and Performance Outreaches you might be involved in are: free bottled water, face painting, hair braiding, temporary tattoos, carnival games, free wet wipes, pop-up hair & nail salon, dance crew, hip hop, magic show, live music, step team, variety show, clothes to needy, first aid assistance, meals to homeless or street kids, toiletry kits, and countless other ideas.

If you have a Creative or Performance idea, please contact us. We’ve gained a lot of experience and insight over 16 years, and are happy to help you develop your ideas.  We will do our best to utilize your creative ministry, but please understand that we also have final discretion on where and how to use a particular tool, if at all.

Remember, Creative ministry is not something to hide behind, but an opportunity to speak to each person we come in contact with. We’ve seen dozens of  ideas worked — and a few that didn’t!  But no matter what, Mardi Gras ATC has always been known as the Christians that LOVE.


We ask that teams come prepared for the outreach. This means putting in some time beforehand to be sure you are ready (spiritually, emotionally, physically) for the atmosphere of the Mardi Gras Outreach. Read more here.

For any other questions, please contact Heather Lyles.