What Others Are Saying


Mardi Gras is a must for leaders that want to stay fresh and want to keep their Church fresh.  This outreach is just what you need. Just show up and watch God work in your teams’ lives!

- Pastor Gary Grogan, Stone Creek Church Urbana, Illinois

As both a dad of a young adult, and a global speaker, I observe as never before, a generation that wants to be God's solution for our times! Certainly this is evident in the attitude demonstrated with the Mardi Gras team. It is my privileged opportunity to invest in their efforts!

- Sy Rogers, International speaker and author

The Mardi Gras Outreach challenged us to be like Jesus in every way. In my 13 years of being a pastor to young adults, I have never experienced a more powerful and impacting mission trip as Mardi Gras.

- Pastor Lane Arnold, Family Faith, Huntsville, Texas

ATCMG has had a significant impact on our students as well as our church as a whole. Our Orlando outreach ministry was birthed through the inspiration and passion displayed by Pastor Wayne, his family, and his entire New Orleans team. This trip is life-changing and ministry-changing.

- Pastor Chris Arroyo, Faith Assembly of God, Orlando, Florida

Answering The Cries and their Mardi Gras Outreach has always done an excellent job of prepping, protecting, and providing my students with the right Spiritual atmosphere for God to do an AMAZING work in them and to give them longevity and boldness as lifetime soul winners.  I trust Answering The Cries Leadership with my students and have been for the past eight years.   

- Pastor Derrek Sulivan, Master’s Commission Director, MCIN

This is one of the most incredible outreaches I have ever been a part of. Their unapologetic approach to reaching people for Jesus, and the passion and love that they show towards those that are without Christ is simply contagious.

- Garrett Freier, Trinity Bible College, Ellendale, North Dakota

Mardi Gras forces trip members to be “all in” as a Christian...  For those looking for a challenge, it can be the most life changing experience of a lifetime.  

- Nate Ruch, Pastor Emmanuel Christian Center,  Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mardi Gras opens students up to prayer, moving in the gifts of the Spirit, and evangelism in fresh, new ways. Wayne and Kristi and their team are well-organized and take care of the teams so they can learn and grow. I highly recommend it!  

- Carolyn Tennant, Former Vice President, of Academic Affairs, North Central University, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bringing students to Mardi Gras is discipleship on steroids. Every young adult should come to Mardi Gras at least once. 

- Pastor and Evangelist, Sam Farina